Family picture 2015
Family picture 2015

Who am I and why am I writing about MS?

My name is Cynthia Bloom Martin, or Cindy or Bloom to some of my friends. I am a 48 year old, married, mother of three children, and I was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago, at the age of 27, after a bout of optic neuritis. I will now answer what is usually my first question to someone with ms that I can’t actually see and that is, am I still walking, moving, getting around? The answer for me is yes I am still walking on my own. I am starting to use a cane more, which I am not happy about at all! I am currently doing everything I can to become completely independent again and I would like to be able to run again. I have committed to doing The Wahl’s Diet devised by Dr. Terry Walhls. I am doing her Wahl’s Paleo Plus version. Which means I am eating liver, sardines and A LOT  of greens and other vegetables and fruits. This will be discussed further in one of my blogs, but yuck and yuck!

My old life diet and my current MS diet.

My current MS diet is a huge change for me since I lived on pizza and fried foods when  I was in college and until last month I could sit and down an entire box of Milk Duds in under 15 minutes. Unless I was experiencing a flare up, meaning my walking was

Family volunteer project in the Galapagos 2014. Awesome, awesome, awesome trip!

getting wonky, I was eating terrible for myself. When I feed my husband and kids, they eat great. We have a regular meal like a roast with potatoes, green beans, rolls and maybe a side of mac and cheese and always some kind of fruit. However, when I was left to make my own meals I would eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, I love Lucky Charms, for lunch maybe a grilled PB&J with potato chips and Whoppers or chocolate chip cookies for dessert and then I would snack on Mike and Ikes or cookies the rest of the day. Horrible, horrible, horrible, I know! And my body knew by now causing me to walk weird or what I like to now call my Frankenstein walk. 

Swimming with dolphins, very cool! 2013
Swimming with dolphins, very cool! 2013


What I’m Dealing With Now

My symptoms now are balance and walking issues, fatigue, I get debilitating fatigue, bladder issues and I sometimes dance naked in the streets at midnight. I’m kidding on this last one, I was just seeing if you were still paying attention. So now, I am on this strict diet, I am currently on Copaxone, and I try to exercise daily. When I say exercise this may be walking the 0.9 of a mile around our neighborhood with a walking stick and usually my husband to help at the

Family dinner at Benihana's. Great place to eat! 2013
Family dinner at Benihana’s. Great place to eat! 2013

end, or maybe balance and strengthening exercises at home, or I may count going to Walmart as my exercises, Superwalmart’s are HUGE! Whatever I do, I do SOMETHING every day. These are the main things I am doing. I have other special things, or ‘hoola boola things” as my husband and son think, that I will

discuss on the blog part of this site. I am also doing physical therapy which can now be very tiring for me.

Keep on Truckin’

I will  also discuss different aspects of my diagnosis and other things with my MS on the blog portion of the site. Other than this I am still living my life. Not exactly how I want to live it, but I am trying to get better and what more can anybody do?

I am doing this website and writing my blog in order to help others easily find MS resources and information about different areas and be able to access some really funny, entertaining and inspirational blogs about how others are coping with MS. I just want others to find something in this site that they find beneficial since we are all in the same boat and working towards bettering our life and situation every day.

Family at NASA. This place is pretty amazing! 2016
Family at NASA. This place is pretty amazing! 2016
At the corn maze last year (2016) where I could only walk about 1/4 of a mile in the heat. My husband then walked me back to the picnic tables where I sat and read.