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What have you tried or done to “cure” your MS?

I am always searching for that “cure” thing for my MS. I hear of some weird or strange treatment that “cured” a man who had MS. He had been in a wheelchair for twenty years and after doing ‘fill in the blank’, now he runs ultra-marathons. After reading about any ‘fill in the blank’ thing, whether it may be drinking the sweat from a monkey on a mountain in Tibet or eating the heads off an iguana deep in the rain forests of Brazil, I am ready to book my flight.

I have spent an ungodly amount of money, as in the price of a car or a very small house, on supplements, lotions, treatments, etc. My husband understands me trying things, but says “hon, if you try so much at one time you’re not going to know what is working”. I don’t want to find out which thing is working? I just want to get better! I am not going at this as a scientist. I am going at this as someone who doesn’t want to get fatigued after dusting one room, or trips on a crack on the sidewalk, or has to change their pants because of ‘leakage’ for the second time in a day. I am not planning to publish this paper in a science magazine, I just want a CURE! I am throwing everything at this including the kitchen sink, in order to try and get better.

It’s hard for me to look at people who grew up in the north, who still eat unhealthy and do zero exercise and are 100% fine.

I don’t want them to be struck by MS. I want to be well like them. I want to eat my bacon burgers, fries and a Reese’s chocolate shake and be fine. I want to put on my running shoes and be able to go 2, 3 or 5 miles, feeling simply tired at the end and be fine. I want to be able to leave my house without three extra pads and some perfume and be fine.

The most drastic things I have tried have been in different areas. In foods it has been being on the Wahls diet. I am not talking about the vegetables or fruits you need to eat for her diet, it’s the liver, fish and seaweed. I still think these thinks are all gross, gross and GROSS! But she was in a wheelchair and now she’s not. I will try her diet.

As for doing anything drastic I am trying Wim Hof’s method of breathing excercises and cold therapy.

He doesn’t have MS, but I have found an article saying that the cold may help autoimmune disease. So I breathe funny for five minutes a day and then freeze my tushy off, along with the rest of my body, in the shower. Wim says, “the cold is your warm friend!” I think the cold is really a frenemy, brrrrrrrrr!

Despite all of this, I am still not fine, but I need to stop whining now, since this is not what I wanted this blog to be about. So yes, I will continue to look for my magic bullet cure whether that may be swimming in the waters or Antarctica or letting poisonous snakes in Australia slither over me, I will always be looking for that cure. However, it would be nice if I just found it in an easy to swallow pill form, I really don’t like the cold or snakes.

If drinking the urine from an elephant in heat might cure MS,I’ll try it!
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