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What has been your worst bladder issue situation?

If any of you have the same urgency and bladder issues that I have, I know the above phrase and need for a bathroom rings very true. My bladder and incontinence issues really did not progress until about five years ago and didn’t get really bad, as in, ‘If I get a catheter do you think I can Bedazzle it?’, until about two years ago.

Funny, but true and embarrassing story. About two years ago I went to Palm Springs for a girls weekend. I was so excited because these were some of my best friends from college and I LOVE these girls! At this time my MS was not affecting me too much. I could walk, but not far, and I had just progressed from using simply thick pads to gulp… incontinence underwear, the HORROR!

Anyway, the visit went great, although one of my girlfriends, not knowing of my bladder issues said ‘has anyone else been smelling urine around here?’

My thought was to say, ‘yes, I smelled it too. I think I read somewhere that Palm Springs is sunny and warm, but it does have a constant urine smell in the air.’ However, I said nothing and went to change my undergarments (I was wearing my “special underwear” with a pad on top of that) and put on more spray to cover the smell. Note to self, change items more often and bring spray with me everywhere. Other than that it was a great visit.

My real bladder problems began at the airport after I said bye to my friends. At that point I was out of incontinence underwear, wearing regular underwear and no other pads except for what I was wearing. My spray perfume was also in my luggage being put underneath the plane (duh, what had I just said never to be without) and not to be seen again until North Carolina. Does that spell disaster or what? So, I was traveling from Palm Springs to Gastonia, North Carolina with no emergency pads or “special underwear” and nothing to cover any smell. Oh my GOD, this was not going to be good!

I bought three sweatshirts for my kids in the airport gift shop, but I could not find any pads or perfume ANYWHERE!

What kind of hippie, naturalist airport was this place? Oh yea, it was California, enough said. Well, I leaked through the pad and onto my jeans a bit by Albuquerque where we stopped for my layover, YEA! This was another hippie airport and had no pads or perfume in their gift shop either!

I went to the bathroom, cleaned up as much as I could. I thought it would be tacky to strip off my pants and dry them at the hand dryer so, I kept my partially wet pants on, rubbed a lot of the hand soap on them, which I’m sure still looked weird but not as weird as me taking off my pants and strategically tied a sweatshirt around my waist to cover anything visual.

I thought I was good until I was on the gangway waiting to get on the plane and the woman behind me says to her husband, ‘do you smell something weird hon?’


This has been my worst time ever in an airport! Yes, EVER!

Without missing a beat though her husband said ‘it’s just musty in here because of the rain.’

Whether he knew or not, he was my hero at that moment. Once I got on, I quickly sat in my seat by the window and stored the other two sweatshirts on my lap to prevent any more wafting smell. Then a very nice woman, who by the way smelled great, sat next to me and was very kind, and hopefully oblivious to the smell the rest of the way home.

I was then the LAST person off the plane and met my wonderful husband who was outside to pick me up. I told him the whole harrowing tale of my pants story and he was adequately sorry for me and took me home. When I got home I was finally able to take off my pants and no one thought I was weird.


A bathroom, a bathroom, my kingdom for a bathroom!
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