MS and Your Life is a site meant to provide beneficial and helpful information for your life as you manage your multiple sclerosis (MS). The links below will take you to new and worthwhile information in that area, that you may find interesting, educational or just beneficial for anyone dealing with this disease. This site will NOT detail what MS is, it’s symptoms or anything else that is found on a multitude of other sites about MS on the Internet. This site will provide you with the most recent information and news and developments in the field. It will also include others blogs, that can give you a resource of others with the disease and how they are coping with certain situations that you may also be dealing with in your life. In addition, I will be writing about how MS is affecting me and my life, and certain (funny) situations my MS issues have gotten me into. Most of all, I want this website to be of assistance to you as you handle your day to day life, along with its issues and difficulties, a little bit easier.

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